There is a wide variety of types of street harassment. Therefore, the different types need to be identified. It is important to recognize and categorize the behavior in order to be able to conceptualize it and discuss it. Each type of harassment has a different delivery method. The harassment can be delivered visually, verbally, or physically. In addition, each type of harassment situation contains an implicit “threat level” of possible violence. The following behaviors are group by the Harasser’s intention and listed in order of increasing anti-social behavior.

Understanding the intention and motivation of the harasser is important in order to create the most effective response. By understanding why he is doing it, you will be in a much better position to determine what type of response will act as a deterrent for future harassment, but also will not escalate the situation towards violence.

Visual Fantasy – Engaging in forbidden mental imagery with Target as subject of fantasy.
1. Staring
2. Leering
3. Picture Taking

Seek Attention – Attempting to get noticed by the Target or by bystanders.
1. Flattering
2. Whistling
3. Honking
4. Catcalling
5. Commenting

Provoke Reaction – Attempting to get some type of strong response from Target.
1. Hooting
2. Hissing
3. Propositioning
4. Following
5. Embarrassing
6. Heckling
7. Humiliating
8. Exposing

Self-Pleasure – Engaging in physical touch with self or with Target as subject of fantasy.
1. Masturbating
2. Touching
3. Groping

Fear & Intimidation – Attempting to induce fear into the Target
1. Threatening
2. Intimidating

Predatory Testing - Purposefully observing and/or interacting with the Target to determine if she is a suitable victim to attack.
1. Stalking
2. Rape interviewing