The concept of Victim Blaming is well known and has been written about extensively.
Most writings, marches, and protests that oppose Victim Blaming do an excellent job of describing what Victim Blaming is and how it is detrimental to the Victim.  Unfortunately, they usually don't offer an alternative other than to blame the Perpetrator.

Victim Blaming is an integral part of an Insecure Culture. In terms of sexual assault, an Insecure Culture is also a Rape Culture. It has the following characteristics.

The Three Signs:
General Under Reporting of sexual assaults by Victims and Society.
General Under Enforcement of sexual assaults by Society.
General Under Respect exhibited by the Perpetrators and by Society to the Victims of sexual assault.

The Three Signs of Insecure Cultures combined with Victim Blaming create the perpetuating cycle of Rape Culture. While the idea of blaming the Perpetrators maybe satisfying, it doesn't easily lend to a plan of action. The opposite of Victim Blaming is NOT Perpetrator Blaming. It is victim and potental victim Support.

In a Secure Culture, there is no place for sexual assault. Victims and potential victims of all types of violations are supported by Society. This support creates an environment where all violations are reported. This same support by Society leads to greater enforcement and punishment of Violators. The application of appropriate enforcement builds a culture of societal respect and an intolerance for violations of the rules of behavior.

The Three Pillars of Security: Communication, Enforcement, and Respect minimize violations and build security in Society.