This message seems pretty simple. The message is that it is harassing to whistle at women. Women don't appreciate it. The method to show your disapproval is to ignore it. Over 55,000 LIKES on Facebook and 7,000+ SHARES.

But if you take a look at the 1,200 COMMENTS, it becomes obvious why the issue of street harassment is so difficult to resolve.  There is a tremendous amount of confusion and disagreement as to what actions constitutes street harassment, whether certain acts are disrespectful or not, and what the best response is.

There is a wide division between male and female viewpoints, and also among those of the same gender. Each person seems convinced of his or her "rightness" and many have a personal story to prove their point.
This is not my opinion. Read some of the comments for yourself to confirm.

These widely differing opinions show that the Rules of Behavior are not well defined. Rules that are not well defined are both difficult to Communicate and difficult to Enforce.

Therefore, lowering the overall rate of street harassment first requires focusing on the behaviors that the vast majority of people agree are unacceptable and definitely a Violation of the Rules of Behavior.

Even if YOU know what constitutes Street Harassment, if THEY don't know, then the Rules have not been clearly defined and well Communicated.

In my opinion, it is Street Harassment to do or say anything to another person, irregardless of gender, race, disability, or sexual orientation, in a public place, that makes the other person feel uncomfortable or is likely to be unwanted.