The 12 Axioms of Respect, Communication, and Enforcement

1. More Respect requires less Enforcement.
2. Less Respect requires more Enforcement.
3. Effective Communication helps create Respect.
4. Poor Communication requires more Enforcement.
5. Under-Enforcement reduces Respect.
6. Over-Enforcement reduces Respect.
7. Just-Right Enforcement creates Respect.
8. Violations of the Rules are Willing or Knowing.
9. Willing Violations are caused by Lack of Respect.
10. Willing Violations are reduced by Enforcement.
11. Unknowing Violations are caused by poor Communication.
12. Unknowing Violations are reduced by effective Communication.

Why make the Infograph and the Axiums? Why not just tell men to stop harassing women and call it a job well done? Because it is not that simple.

My nine year old sees a "conflict" and immediately wants to know "which one is the good guy?"
To her it all boils down to good vs. evil. But my eleven year old has figured out that it is not that simple. Like "beauty", many times the perception of right and wrong is in the eye of the beholder.

If you want to change someone's or a group of people's behavior, just saying "stop" is not enough. You need to know why they are exhibiting the behavior in the first place. Is it from lack of respect or from lack of understanding. That knowledge will be the key to formulating the most effective response.